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10/02/08 07:16 AM #138    

Arline Grant

No booze in the sandbox. You've got to be alert to dodge the incoming gunfire.

10/02/08 01:23 PM #139    

Janet Osborn (Rousseau)

Now! I am confused...I Know, Norman, as usual! Anyway...are you all driving to Ft. Cambell of Iraq/Afgan?

10/03/08 11:16 PM #140    

Stephanie Burke (Bardouleau)

We need a super charged all terrain vehicle (that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell) that we can pilot across the ocean, on the road and in the sand. If I can't be in charge of bevvie distribution then I shall be in charge of the tunes.

10/04/08 09:07 PM #141    

Arline Grant

hehehehehehe......I'd tell you we are going to Afghanistan, but then if I told you, I would have to kill you. If we leave soon a sand vehicle might work, but not knowing where Tim is, snow could be falling soon and once we arrived for our coffee, could be stuck there for several weeks, at the least.

I'm still in! Anyone else up for an extended road trip???

Tim, We're behind you all the way!!! Thank you for all you do. Not making light of it. Not sure after all these years I could get back into the mode of deployment. You are one amazing man!


10/07/08 07:02 PM #142    

Lynne Hodgdon (Bohley)

Many if not all of you may already know of this website but I think it is a blast.

10/10/08 06:56 PM #143    

Heidi Clark (McIntyre)

Lynne, that's some funny stuff! I almost fell off my chair laughing at some of the results. Thanks for the website addy.

10/11/08 08:44 AM #144    

Janet Osborn (Rousseau)

I did that too. The hair styles were the best...No 1983 though!

10/13/08 08:41 PM #145    

Lynne Hodgdon (Bohley)

Yeah they are a riot. It takes forever to get your photo where you need it to go but it is worth it for the most part.

10/15/08 08:35 AM #146    

Janet Osborn (Rousseau)

I FINALLY made ROLLUPS!! OMG!! YUUMMMYYY!!!! I used Heidi's recipe and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! If you microwave them with a pat of butter/marg. on top it is the closest to AHS Cafe. Just eat them before they petrify...

10/16/08 06:24 AM #147    

Lynne Hodgdon (Bohley)

Yes Heidi's recipe is the one. I actually bumped into Kevin Murray grocery shopping and his mother said it was flour not bisquick. His mother used to work in the cafeteria! But Janet, did I see the word margarine? Janet, come one! You MUST use Land O' Lakes Whipped Butter for the true EHS morning rollup experience!!

As a side note, Kevin suggested it would be fun if we all got together at his restaurant on a Sunday after hours for appetizers and socializing. He said he would get back to us soon on that.

10/16/08 10:03 AM #148    

Janet Osborn (Rousseau)

I think I may have planted that seed with Kevin. I saw him in the Mill's store plaza a couple Sunday's ago. I asked him if he does brunch at his resteraunt on Sundays. It would be fun to join up for something like that. He did say that he does family stuff and restarant shopping on sundays. What a great idea... Kevin has always been a favorite of mine! His Dad worked at Reid's servfice station and the Reids are great friends of my family.

10/18/08 04:15 PM #149    

Heidi Clark (McIntyre)

Janet & Lynne, thanks for giving me the credit for the roll up recipe, but it was actually Lisa (Mansourian) Worden who should get the credit. She sent me a message saying how she and her sister Donna contacted the school a few years after graduating and cajoled the recipe out of someone. I'm just the one who hounded Steve into posting it - least I could do since I was the evil person who said "what? no roll ups?" when we got into the cafe. Hey, I started the ruckus I should take responsibility for my actions, right? LOL Maybe I should whip some up tomorrow morning for the hubby and little one. And perhaps enough to take to work to torture a couple of co-workers who just happen to be AHS alumni as well...... (cue the scary music and evil laughter)

10/19/08 07:29 PM #150    

Judi Fowler (Cogswell)

If you do brunch at Kevin's restaurant, please let me know, I would love to come.

12/31/08 03:24 PM #151    

Arline Grant


To all of you I wish a wonderful 2009.
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas surrounded by those you love!


01/01/09 03:06 PM #152    

Janet Osborn (Rousseau)

Thanks Arline! I second that! Tim Talbot where are you now?!?!?!?!

01/06/09 02:01 PM #153    

Dave Dow

Did somebody mention brunch at Kevin's restaurant? When? I'm in.

01/11/09 07:38 PM #154    

Cheryl Cloutier (Wood)

Is a brunch going to happen? It would be a lot of fun, so if someone.....anyone........could let me know???

02/10/09 08:40 AM #155    

George Gatcomb

Sorry haven't been to the website in a while. I'm in for an after hours @ Ship to Shore.Beaker are you someplace warm and safe? Thank you for all you do!! Haven't tried the roll up recipe yet but have my kids very interested. Too many bball games and play practices...

02/12/09 05:51 PM #156    

Janet Osborn (Rousseau)

okay George...Who's Beaker?

03/16/09 07:14 AM #157    

George Gatcomb

Janet, Beaker (from The Muppet Show) is what we used to call Tim Talbot in chemistry class with Mr. CLAHHRK!! George PS sorry for such a long time for a reply..

03/22/09 08:51 PM #158    

Cindy Soucy (Wiswell)

Gee Janet, even I remember that! By the way, the brunch you were talking about...tell Kevin, "Hi Kevin, Michelle and family!", we need to do it when I come to visit in June/July. I'd love to see everyone again! Hoping to get to Mark LaPointe's CD release at The Barn or at least the bands reunion at The Lafayette Club. Please let me know if anyone's interested!

03/26/09 04:15 PM #159    

Ida Locke (Bowen)

I wish to say "Thank You" to everyone that attended my daughter Chelsea R. Bowen's Wake, Funeral, sent flowers, cards and just said, prayers....I Thank you, I can't believe Chelsea's life with us ended so tragic and I am blessed to have spent 15 years with an amazing fun loving daughter who always had a smile. Chelsea's identical twin sister Miranda and younger sister Brianna now have an angel that will look over them. Although my eyes still burn with tears, of disbelieving that this has happened, I know she is with me every moment of everyday...

Thank you again class of "83" for all your support and prayers.

Love Ida Bowen (Locke) and Family.

09/30/09 07:30 AM #160    

George Gatcomb

Is anyone out there? We kind of slowed down on the chatter. Sorry I don't have a facebook account . Talk to you all soon. George

09/30/09 10:18 PM #161    

Heidi Clark (McIntyre)

Hey, George! You should get on FB - ton of the class is on there. Hope all is well with you!

10/06/09 09:00 PM #162    

Cindy Soucy (Wiswell)

Hey George, Heidi is right, you DO need to get on Facebook. It's easy to set up and you can control how private (or not) you want it to be. If you set up the basic profile we can walk you through the rest, and suggest friends to catch you up to speed. Hope to see you there!

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