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Darel Harlow In Memory

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06/21/08 09:32 PM #1    

Judi Fowler (Cogswell)

I remember his smile.

07/30/08 11:32 PM #2    

Steve Sanborn

When I reflect on my middle school years, One of the things that I remember was that Darel was my best friend. Middle school can be tough - I've experienced it as a kid and as a teacher. My personal experience was mostly positive but I can remember the social upheaval that goes along with these years. My friendship with Darel was a island of stability in a sea of social turmoil. We had a connection - I think we shared many of the same values, the same fears, similar senses of humor, and perhaps a bond in feeling a bit marginalized in the middle school social scene
I remember lots of good times over at Darel's house on West Winkley Street - the Harlows always made me feel at home there. I particularly recall a visit to his family's summer place up in Maine. I remember bombing around the lake in his rowboat with the outboard motor - The way he drove it, I still don't know why that boat didn't end up in the bottom of the lake. He had a shot put pit up at the camp and I remember the alternating mixture of frustration and laughter he had as he tried to teach me how to throw the damn ball correctly. I enjoyed getting him going, and he liked getting me riled as well. I enjoyed our comraderie.
Darel had a kind heart and a great sense of humor. He could also be stubborn, especially regarding his sports opinions. He viewed life for what it is - a relatively short period of time to celebrate, laugh, love, and fully experience. For a couple of years in my early teens, he was my best friend. As we moved on to high school, we drifted apart some but still remained friends in classes and on the fields. After high school, our paths never really crossed very much - his world was bigger than mine.
I'm really sad knowing that he's not out there somewhere. When I think about the people I would most like to connect with at a class reunion, Darel is at the top of my list. When we're all having a great time at the reunion, I will know that his spirit is present. I'm forever grateful for his friendship during a time in my life when I really needed one. Cheers, my friend!

08/08/08 12:49 PM #3    

Caroline Krause

I echo Steve in his sense of Darel. He was always that bright fun person who would needle me, but whose friendship and approval I dearly wanted in elementary and middle school. I remember his good natured teasing of those he was close to and his spot on immitation of several of our teachers. Ms Hatch comes to mind for some reason?? I was shocked to learn our world no longer has him in it. In my head he is still there, about to give me a hard time for falling out of touch for so many years. I will treasure that, truly!

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